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Warehouse to Workplace

Posted by Kate Newman on Nov 25, 2014 5:07:00 PM

According to the Material Handling & Logistics U.S Roadmap  published in January, consumer expectation is rising; the baby boomers are retiring and 67% of manufacturers report a shortage of qualified workers. In order to move forward, the industry has to start making significant changes to appeal to a different profile of people or the gap in the workforce will grow between now and 2025.

Critical to the change will be workplace appeal, diversification, and technological advancements. Material handling and logistics jobs will have to be positioned to a diverse demographic and seen as a rewarding career that’s fulfilling and promising. This post will spell out three ways to transform your warehouse of today to the workplace of tomorrow.



1. Workplace Appeal

The appearance of your warehouse is critical in providing an enjoyable and comfortable workplace. Your employees want to feel appreciated, protected, and valued at their place of employment. Workplaces that value aesthetics generally have more productive employees.

To accomplish this, warehouses should be organized, clean, modern and inviting. Investing in a line of damage prevention products that creates a sense of unity and safety is a simple way to accomplish this. Take a look at our recommended damage prevention line here.

2. Diversification

The amount of unfilled positions in the industry is staggering at 600,000. To move forward the industry needs to appeal to a broader demographic than it’s focused on historically. According to the Material Handling & Logistics U.S. Roadmap filling the gaps can be utilized by seeking out women, veterans and people with disabilities.

The first step in this initiative is embracing diversity and getting your management team on board. Promoting a culture that values all perspectives and is all-inclusive will aid in the hiring process. To learn more, take a look at the talent management guide “10 Ways to Diversify Your Workforce”

3. Technological Advancements 

The next generation workforce is at the forefront of the technological evolution. Their skill set is utilized best when they are able to use technology to minimize manually intensive labor. In order to appeal to this up and coming demographic, the material handling industry needs to prioritize the implementation of more advanced technologies. For example, inbound handling has options for handheld and wearable computers, scanners and multimodal devices that will speed up the sortation process and make it more manageable. Vehicle mounted tablet computers enable workers to view a full list quickly and easily, making the job more efficient.


The future of the material handling industry will see a lot of change. But with that change comes a vision and a bright future. Fortune, Business Week, and U.S News & World Report all see the industry with potential to be the next big thing. Now is the time to begin the change and turn your warehouse of today into the workplace of tomorrow.

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