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McCue U.K. Blog

McCue’s Telescopic Gateway to Safety and Simplicity

Posted by Matt Callard on Aug 19, 2019 8:22:47 AM

The smooth flow of people around a factory or facility is very closely associated with safety. Facility layouts need to be practical and organised, wherever possible keeping people and moving vehicles segregated.

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Topics: Safety, Gates

Endgame: Is McCue's New Superhero Stopper the Ultimate Bollard?

Posted by Matt Callard on May 20, 2019 1:49:04 PM

In the world of Health and Safety, there is a golden rule: If something can happen, it will happen. Smart managers know that once a potential danger has been identified, they must find a solution to prevent accidents eliminate and protect people and assets.

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Innovation Prevents Typecasting for ‘Barrier Company’

Posted by Matt Callard on Apr 22, 2019 8:22:18 AM

There was a time when Amazon was known as an online second-hand bookstore, IKEA was a mail-order sales company and Apple made clunky prototype desktop computers before the word ‘smartphone’ had been invented.

Diversification in business is often the lifeblood of a company. Coca-Cola might make the fizzy, dark-coloured soft drink we all know and (probably) love – but there are over 500 other beverages in the company’s portfolio, some of which you will most definitely not have tasted (the Asian market’s ‘Water Salad’ drink comes in five flavours and tastes of, well, salad…).

All of which proves that even in heavy industry, you need to be light and agile when it comes to product development, ideas and diversity – unless you want to become tagged with a name that no longer fits.

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McCue Corners Safety Inside 'Golden Triangle'

Posted by Matt Callard on Sep 28, 2018 7:09:30 AM

A recent national television report from the BBC has focused on the phenomenal growth of warehousing space. Using data from property research firm CBRE, the BBC reported an incredible 235 million sq ft of warehouse space leased or purchased since 2007.

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Topics: Facility Maintenance

Lift-Off for McCue's Airport Barriers

Posted by Matt Callard on Jul 13, 2018 6:53:08 AM

As McCue Corp celebrates 30-years in business, the company has added aviation to the long list of industries where its versatile and long-lasting safety products are used.

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Topics: Pedestrian Barrier, Safety

The Big Green Safety Machine Turns 30

Posted by Matt Callard on Jul 3, 2018 5:01:47 AM

In an age where companies come and go at a noisy and alarming rate, there’s something reassuring about the safe hands of McCue, still protecting people and businesses after 30 years of trading.

In that time the company, formed by an Englishman abroad, headquartered in Boston, MA and with a flourishing European office based in Milton Keynes, has taken ‘across the board’ safety to new levels.

The one time ‘Bumper Company’ is now the ultimate one-stop-shop for facility protection, working with major businesses across the globe to guard hardware, people and vital structures on the factory floor, in storage, in distribution and on the shop floor.

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Hey, Good Looking – Introducing the Architectural Bollard

Posted by Matt Callard on Apr 23, 2018 5:31:35 AM

Bollards are a functional item, their sentinel-like presence a warning to pedestrians and drivers, their inherent strength offering protection to people and equipment.

And that’s it, right? An essential, but rather mundane product – and certainly not one to be aesthetically admired.

But what happens when bollards need to be placed in areas where a pleasant aesthetic is appropriate, or even important? Are bollards installed anyway – and the aesthetic feel of a place ruined?

Certainly, that’s been the case in the past: Bollards performing their rudimentary purpose, but to the detriment of the aesthetic environment. If we must call it by a name: an eyesore.

But not anymore.

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Topics: Parking lots, bollards

Defeating the Silent Enemy of Warehouse Safety

Posted by Matt Callard on Mar 6, 2018 11:09:45 AM

Accidents are not always caused by the rogue forklift truck driver breaking every rule in the Health & Safety handbook. Often there’s a much more silent, but no less deadly, enemy of facility protection on the loose.

It’s one that can linger for years, building its strength and chipping away at safety. And it’s everywhere – in doorways, walls, columns, floors – and especially in those turning spaces and corners where the barely perceptible bumps happen the most.

Eventually, this enemy will erupt – and the consequences can be devastating.

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Topics: Safety, protective guarding

A Tidy House is a Safe House – 5 Tips for Keeping a Clean Warehouse

Posted by Matt Callard on Feb 14, 2018 3:35:02 AM

Modern warehouses are modern workplaces and need to be treated with respect.

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Topics: Warehouse Tips

Reduce Stray Supermarket Trolleys and Wasted Labour with CartMagnet

Posted by Matt Callard on Jan 31, 2018 10:13:25 AM

Employees spending hours rounding up stray shopping trolleys, carts taking up valuable car parking space, battered old trolley drops that nobody uses...

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Topics: Cart Corrals, parking lot