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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Warehouse Damage Prevention

Posted by Kate Newman on Apr 18, 2014 2:36:00 PM


After launching our brand new High Traffic Line to the manufacturing and supply chain industries at MODEX 2014—the McCue team uncovered a few tips many warehouse and distribution managers can benefit from.  We had a lot of great conversations, and many of them were based on the same pain points.  To help you master damage prevention, below is our ultimate cheat sheet of tips you may have overlooked. 

Get Rid of the DIY Mindset

Take a look at what you are doing to protect your space currently. While we all love a good do-it-yourself project, putting a slab of wood with zip ties in front of your racking isn’t really protecting much. Neither is attaching a cushion to your forklift.  While these types of quick fixes are great around the house and in the workshop— it’s not really suitable for a rack storing thousands of dollars worth of product!

Prioritize Safety

It’s not just about protecting those expensive products you’re storing, or the pricey forklift— it’s about the people.  Give your team the security they need.  It’s difficult to work at your full potential when you are worried about making a wrong move. Hitting the gas instead of the brake, or cutting a corner just a bit too short can damage your products and severely injure your staff.  A safe employee is a happy employee!

Think BIG

Narrowing your protection plan to one specific column that keeps damaging your forklift isn’t seeing the big picture. With every large impact there a million smaller ones— and all of them are equally as damaging in the end. Look at your warehouse as a whole—how can you make it the safest, most enjoyable space? What would your ideal warehouse look like? Talk to an expert and have them tour your space—they can mark up ideas on a blue print and give you the best suggestions. Why settle for average, when you have the ability to make your space the warehouse of the future!


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