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5 Enhancements That Make a Difference in Warehouse Cleanliness

Posted by Kate Newman on Nov 18, 2014 10:00:00 AM


Have you ever tried to implement a plan to keep your warehouse clean on a regular basis? If so, you know it’s easier said than done. Floors, aisles and dock areas are filled with debris, dust and dirt. You’re constantly trying to keep up, but it feels like chasing your own tail. What do you do?

Many people have found success utilizing the warehouse operations check sheet published by WERC. But before jumping straight into the check sheet, you may want to read some of the suggestions in this blog post.

As warehouses transform into workplaces, cleanliness has become a higher priority. Not only is it a requirement with OSHA standards, but it’s also a major factor in employee attitude and retention. Clean facilities are a direct result of consistent leadership and implementation, which is why we put together a few industry best practices to follow: 

1. Make sure your employees are actively participating and held responsible in good warehouse keeping.

  • Assign each employee a zone of their work area that they’re responsible for keeping clean.
  • Communicate expectations, and create action items for each employee’s zone.
  • Make it a job requirement to actively participate in cleaning their particular zone. 

2. Ensure you have the proper cleaning supplies and equipment readily available.

  • Keep cleaning supplies in areas that are easy for employees to access. An employee is less likely to clean if they have to walk the entire warehouse just to grab a mop!
  • Place multiple garbage cans around the warehouse and near popular working areas to encourage employees to throw away any debris or trash.
  • Make sure there’s always a stock of these cleaning items: mops, buckets, oil and hydraulic fluid clean-up kits, trash bins, trash bags, rider sweeper/scrubber, brooms, dust pins etc.

3. Develop schedules and goals to keep everyone on track.

  • Inspect assigned areas on a weekly basis to ensure they’re kept clean.
  • Use a rating sheet to track each employee's progress and success.
  • Reward employees and develop incentives for keeping their areas clean.

4. Eliminate external hardware that collects dirt and grime buildup.

  • Typical plate or surface-mounted bollards have exposed hardware that not only collect bacteria, but are also hazards. Replace those with these: FlexCore Bollard  and Shock Absorbing Rack Guard.
  • Look to install products that are easily removable so that you can clean under and around them when necessary

5. Turn inventory on a regular basis.

  • Remove and relocate outdated stock; it’s a magnet for dust and clutters your operations.

Now that you know how to lead the initiative in proper warehouse-keeping, you’re ready to start turning your facility into a clean, employee-friendly workplace.

To learn more about how cleanliness benefits your warehouse, download our eBook below.


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