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4 Ways to get customers off their phones and into your stores

Posted by Valery Miranda on May 5, 2017 3:43:05 PM

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As you know the retail industry has been impacted by evolving technology that has changed the shopping habits. Many retailers have come to understand this major impact and are learning how to adapt to this change to stay afloat or above the competition. The influence of technology has changed the traditional shopping experience into a virtual landscape for the customer, customizing their shopping experience, making it easy to shop in the comfort of their own homes, and even when online shopping becomes more common in our daily lives the in-store shopping experience still matters and customers still enjoy it.

So, what do you do to deliver great service, create an exceptional shopping experience and meet their demands, expectations and keeping them happy and coming back? Here is what some retailers are doing to achieve successful results.

Upgrading your store concept.

Most retailers have turned their focus on upgrading the concept of their in-store design. This is a great way to keep current customers coming back and a great way to attract new ones. The focus is re-thinking the look of your store, making it more appealing by emphasizing your brand in the new look motivating more traffic of shoppers wanting that experience that online retailers can’t offer.

Implementing innovative ideas and services.

It’s vital not to forget about your customers’ expectations and how you can make their shopping more enjoyable. Many trends in the retail world have arisen and many of them have cultivated a better experience and a competitive advantage. Many used a lot of new ideas such as in-store bars, Coffee shops, snack and dessert lounges and primarily food shops to provide customers meal solutions without leaving the store. Now, let's keep in mind speedy shoppers, how about dedicating a section of your store to all the essentials for your in and out customers. Another great way to respond to your customer’s expectations is fast delivery services. Provide simple and easy, order from home, same day meal delivery and keep your customers delighted with services that meet their needs.

Neat and Organized environment.

Now, put yourself in your customer’s shoes, wouldn’t you rather shop where you can find everything you need right in the same place? A neat and organized environment is complementary to a great shopping experience. The way you present your store setting will have a positive or negative impact on your customer’s experience. Product display presentation and high-end retail fixtures are an effective way to modernize the in-store shopping. Being efficient at providing a suitable place to shop also requires taking the right steps to protect your property and ensure your customer’s safety with the right and effective equipment.

Branded Parking center.

How many times have you experienced low maintenance in a parking lot? Shopping carts on parking spots, potholes, faded parking space striping, all these factors are part of a regular parking environment that manifests inconvenience and negative experience. So, what can you do to upgrade your parking setting? Think of your parking lot as a welcoming center to your store, take away the feeling of being in a parking lot by implementing by seating areas, convenient sidewalks, complementary kid’s attractions, enhance the look with landscape features and easy in and out entrance. Also, use what you already have in your parking lot. Think of your cart corrals not only for shopping cart storage, customize them to fit your store brand and always think safety first with outdoor equipment that prevents and provides safety to your customers and your parking lot. Always keep in mind that maintenance is very important, brings organization and a welcoming feeling. Remember your customer’s in-store experience begins in your parking center.

Envision a better in-store and outdoor experience that engages with customers that visit your store. Think that they are on the lookout for great innovation, great in-store experience and great customer service. Turn your focus on the aspects and factors that attract them and drives their expectations higher. Keep them in mind when up-grading your store environment. Remember re-think your store, know your customers and bring innovation to create an impact that lasts.


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